Huisartsenpraktijk Oranje Nassaulaan offers general practices services with special attention for young families.

We are located in the South of Amsterdam near the Vondelpark.

We are sensitive to the fact that non-Dutch citizens may have dificulty navigating the dutch medical system and do our best to help. GP Mirjam Evenaar is fluent in english and german. GP Hans Willem van der Neut is fluent in english and GP Denise Ajanaku is a native english speaker.

Our patients are welcome to make use of our daily 'walk-in' surgery from 8:00 to 8:30, no appointment needed. Please note that the timeslots are shorter than normal and are meant for one 'small and concise' question. If you have more (complex) questions to discuss then please feel free to make an appointment.

Appointments can be made from 10:30 to 12:00 and 14:30 to 17:00.

We also offer an evening surgery by appointment. Please contact our receptionist for availability.

If you are interested in registering with us then please call:

Evenaar/ Ajanaku 020-679 35 54

van der Neut 020-662 16 16








8.00-8.30 o’clock walk in office: This is meant for short and minor matters.

The Appointment takes around 5 minutes.

(for bigger matters, make a regular appointment) 

Report at assistants’ office so she can put you on the list.


Available by phone between 08-00-17.00 o’ clock

(preferably between 08.00-12.00 & 13.00-14.00 o’ clock) :

Before 11.30 o’clock you can call for questions, or making appointments.


Telephone consult:  call before 11.30 o’clock with the assistant, to make an appointment for a telephone consult.

The general practitioner will call you back.


House calls: Requests before 10.00 o’clock.


ATAL (venipuncture)

Every Monday and Thursday between 8:30 – 9:00   (not available during holidays)

report at assistants’ office.


We can't help you if :

- you're younger than 12 years.

- you're coming for the thrombosis service.

- you need a parathormonetest through venipuncture.

We would recommend the main location Jan Tooropstraat 483 for the venipuncture.




 Referral letters / (repeat) prescriptions:


Repeat prescriptions:

This is 24 hours per day available through phone (prescription line press 3) or website. Please mention your last name, date of birth, pharmacy, and the repeat prescription (which medication, mg, pieces, how many a day) Requests before 10.00 o’clock, will be available in the pharmacy after 15:00 o’clock.


 Referral letters and prescriptions:

Referral letters can be requested at a consult, or by phone if the matter is already known.

 You will receive the referral letter through email when possible, or you can pick it up at the assistant-office.




General practitioners:


Practice 1:

Mrs. M. Evenaar:              Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

Mrs. D. Ajanaku:              Monday, Tuesday, Thursday


Practice 2:

Mr.  H.W. van der Neut     Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Mrs. P van der Pluijm        Friday


General practitioners (extra):

Mrs. M de Vries:           diverse days

Mr.   D. van Diepen:     diverse days





The assistant works on appointment

  • Removing stitches.
  • Injections .
  • Bloodpressure.           
  • Glucose (bloodsugar) tests.
  • Syringing ears.            
  • PAP smears.




Not appearing on appointment without a message / canceling the appointment too late.


Unfortunately it occurs very often that a patient makes an appointment, and doesn’t show up, or cancels the appointment too late. Because of this, the doctor / nurse / assistant lose a lot of valuable time.

It can always happen that you can’t come to the appointment, or the appointment isn’t necessary anymore. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your appointment if you need to reschedule, or make a cancellation.

Then we can offer that appointment time to another patient who may need medical care.

If you are not able to keep your scheduled appointment time / and do not give us 24-hour notice, you will be charged a ‘missed appointment fee’ by your doctor’s office.

Your insurance will not cover this fee.


If you want to avoid unnecessary costs, cancel your appointment on time!




Evening- and weekend:

Between 17.00 and 8.00 o’clock, and during the weekend, you can call the doctor’s post for emergencies.

Then you can have contact with a general practitioner on duty. 

Telephone number : 088-00 30 600